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Stanford Taekwondo Winter Equipment Order Form

Arrillaga Ctr for Sports & Rec

Equipment is for members only.

After answering the questions in the equipment form below, please select your equipment, then click "Register Now" to pay for your order.

If you have any questions about equipment, please contact Stanford Taekwondo!

Processing fee is included in most prices.

Full Sparring Package ($155.00)
Revolution Dobok ($82.00)
Regular Dobok ($52.00)
Hogu only ($52.00)
Helmet only ($37.00)
Foot Socks/Pads only ($32.00)
Shin Pads + Insteps ($32.00)
Gloves only ($32.00)
Arm Pads only ($27.00)
Shin Pads only ($27.00)
Groin Protector ($17.00)
Black Belt ($10.00)
Mouthpiece with Case ($5.00)
Color Belt ($5.00)