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Alice Walker Keynote

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 7:00PM
Memorial Church

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Alice Walker - Taking The Arrow Out of the Heart:

Noticing Where You Are, and Who or What is There With You

Contemplation By Design Keynote

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 | 7PM
Memorial Church, Stanford, CA 94305
SIMULCAST ticket holders: Cubberley Auditorium

No one escapes a time in life when the arrow of sorrow, of anger, of despair pierces the heart. For many of us, there is the inevitable need to circle the wound. It is often such a surprise to find it there, in us, when we had assumed arrows so painful only landed in the hearts of other people. Some of us spend decades screaming at the archer. Or at least for longer periods than are good for us. How to take the arrow out of the heart? How to learn to relieve our own pain? That is the question. Like many such questions it is one delved into by Buddhism, but also by anyone who has lived long enough to see, by trial and error, for the most part, that the futility we begin to feel, as we attempt to bring down the archer, leaves our wounded heart untended and the medicine of life that abounds wherever we are, is left unapplied.
-Alice Walker

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Alice Walker Keynote